Our Kapiti Clinic leads the way in rehabilitation and testing.

Alana Henderson has more experience with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and concussion than she would like! In the last two years, both her sons sustained head injuries in the playground and now she too has a severe concussion that has seen her unable to work.

Alana brought both her sons to Health Evolution because she had researched hyperbaric oxygen as a therapy for head injury and was desperate for help. “They gave us comprehensive medical testing that showed where the problems were and how bad. Until this time we had nothing – no measures of what we obviously knew were wrong.” says Alana “The treatment was so effective for Ricco (3 years) that I didn’t hesitate to return when my eldest son Tyrone (15 years) who had an even worse head injury that saw him air lifted to Wellington hospital.” says Alana. “In the case of Ricco; he had failed to improve for 18 months – in fact he just seemed to be regressing. No one seemed to be able to do anything. I felt unable to cope trying to care for him and my two other sons. Within a few sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, our lives returned to normal after that 18 month struggle! Tyrone recovered incredibly quickly too.

The doctors said that his recovery could take a couple of years – he has now made an almost full recovery after a block of 40 consecutive HBOT sessions and has been able to continue with his study.”

When Alana recently had a head injury herself – it was straight back to Health Evolution. “I wish more people could learn about this incredible, fast, safe method of reversing the symptoms of head injury. It is still a treatment that flies under the radar – no one seems to know about it.”

Ross Devlin and Robert Bryden are two other people with head injuries and felt enormous improvement since undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Most local people know Robert Bryden and no one can argue over his obvious improvement. It was Robert’s recovery that inspired Ross to give HBOT a try.

Ross has also become a fan of this therapy which helped him significantly. “A head injury really impacts family life – I was short tempered and unable to cope with too much noise or activity. This made me react to the kids when I shouldn’t have.” says Ross. “Hyperbaric’s made me more self aware, I could see my behaviour all of a sudden and had more control of my life. I became a better functioning father and husband. I’d highly recommend it to anyone especially with sports concussion.”

65,000 cases of head injury occur each year in New Zealand. Why should we care? Head injuries are connected to a higher risk of neurological disease – Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease and dementia. A head injury is a wound in the brain that is invisible to the eye. It remains there unless you heal it. How does hyperbaric oxygen do that? It is known that HBOT creates rapid healing in the entire body, which is why the hospitals fund if for other non-healing wounds.

As yet HBOT for brain injury is not ACC funded in this country but there is evidence building around the world for its use in TBI, concussion, stroke and even Alzheimers. It takes time for the medical paradigm to expand to include new things. Why wait? Do the research and you will be satisfied that the evidence is there.

At Health Evolution we have had good results with stroke too. Some of these people have been years post stroke and considered unable to make any further improvements. They still improve using HBOT.

Health Evolution has advanced neurological testing including the Brain Gauge and CNSVS test. So if you have had a head injury or stroke, or if you are just concerned that you might be in cognitive decline, come and do a simple 20 minute test with us. We have a full spectrum of approaches that could heal and even reverse your symptoms. Cluster headaches and migraine also seem to go into remission with HBOT. When it comes to Alzheimers, new research is emerging that it may not be a death sentence at all – there are international doctors collaborating with us who believe it can be reversed.

For more information on TBI, concussion, stroke, cognitive decline, Alzheimers and migraine or cluster headaches – call us now on 04 298 6158.