About Health Evolution

“Little Temple of the Universe” day spa and learning centre Ohau

aerial view of spa and native bushPost lockdown, Health Evolution has embarked in a new direction moving out of our Milne Drive premises in Paraparaumu and onto seven acres in the country. Now we can provide you with a truly personal service tailored to your needs and for those who are really serious about their health or in need of guidance for a chronic illness.

Just 35 minutes drive from Kapiti, no other place in New Zealand offers a one on one health retreat and support in a beautiful natural setting like Health Evolution’s “Little Temple of the Universe”.

We use cutting edge therapies from around the world to return your body to homeostasis and allow you to become well again.

Who we are

Founded by Hayley Brown cancer survivor and her partner Todd Balfour nutritionist. Hayley was considered terminal with breast cancer many years ago and together with her partner Todd, they found the secrets that unlocked her return to health and now they are sharing these with others from their home in rural Ohau.

We are agents for QRS PEMF home systems from Germany, Mediconet chambers from Korea and home chambers under the Health Evolution brand.

We rent and sell PEMF and HBOT equipment that is revolutionising health around NZ. Or come to us and try these treatments under our loving care.

Our therapies offer support and hope to those living with pain and chronic illness. We regularly help those with problems such as:

  • Cancer support and Ketogenic diet coaching
  • Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis and gut issues
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
  • Head injuries, neurological deficit and decline, memory issues, depression, anxiety and panic attacks
Pain of all sorts, muscle and joint – arthritis.
  • Migraine
  • Degenerative eye disease such as MD or glaucoma and;

Many other common chronic ailments.

The Health Evolution ethic

Health Evolution believes passionately that every human being has the right to choose.

Sometimes the choices offered are disappointingly few and the side effects unpleasant, even devastating. There is plenty of evidence that the underlying causes of chronic disease are not being addressed by modern medicine. The huge amounts spent on our health system surely tell us something is very wrong.

There are other ways: give New Zealanders a treatment choice; tell patients about how to eat more nutritious food; provide the chance to breathe life-sustaining oxygen and give people the choice of bathing in the earth’s natural frequencies.

Could giving New Zealanders a complementary choice really be such a threat to their health? The simple answer is “no!”.

What we provide

You can still come and see us for all the usual healing services:

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT is a “simple answer to many, if not most, health problems”- which medical research validates – but is so often overlooked and misunderstood. mHBOT is a safe method for delivering additional oxygen to the body at the cellular level. This speeds recovery from illness and injury, increases energy, and provides the optimal environment for the body to carry out vital cell processes – thereby increasing the capacity for the body to heal itself.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy PEMF is a revolutionary technology that reproduces the body’s own self-healing electrical frequencies, thereby “talking” to your cells. This “conversation” tells your cells to open up, allowing for the intake of electrically-charged ions and nutrients and the expulsion of accumulated heavy metals, toxins and biochemical waste.

Science tells us that we are electrical entities, that every human cell is a tiny, self-replicating “battery”. Science also tells us that illness and aging are simply the “battery” losing its “charge”. By lying on your PEMFt mat, absorbing natural healing frequencies, you begin to “recharge your batteries” and you begin to deal with illness and disease.

The effectiveness of PEMFt has been proven in more than 2000 double blind medical studies in universities, in many countries. PEMFts offer proven therapy without side effects to those who are forced to live with chronic disease which they can hardly cope with or manage.

Test the State of your Brain. Come and take our simple 20min test to check the state of your brain health. Check for early signs of dementia, Parkinsons or follow-up on your improvement post concussion. It’s simple and it’s fun and highly accurate.

For decades, computers have sent information to you only with sight and sound. The Brain Gauge system uses the sense of touch to engage your brain and test its performance. The Brain Gauge is the world’s first high precision tactile biofeedback interface.

The high precision and high fidelity of the mechanical pulses that the Brain Gauge delivers is what is ultimately responsible for objective and quantitative metrics of brain performance.

And Coming soon… we are adding even more in our day retreats.

  • Steam Sauna for detoxification heart and lung health
  • Massage and aromatherapy
Cosmetic light therapy and skin treatments
  • Food education and demonstrations (delicious)
  • Access to our conservation block with arboretum, stream with tame eels, native birds, and special vibes for your soul. (Free)