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New QRS Pelvicentre opening soon!

We are excited that a QRS Pelvicentre will be opening in 2020 at Hamilton's Te Kohao Health. This ‘magnetic chair’ is a non-invasive form of pelvic floor treatment that helps restore the pelvic floor [...]

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Stress nearly killed me. Don’t let it happen to you!

“People thought that I had a glamorous lifestyle! One week I was in Las Vegas at a conference - next I was San Francisco or Phuket! My life was the picture of success - [...]

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Rob has the Last Laugh in Mo-vember!

PSA* level drop from 8.9 to 1.4 “What are we doing for our future health?” Rob asked his wife some eighteen months ago. He had survived testicular cancer some years earlier having undergone surgery [...]

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Early Onset Alzheimers could be Reversible

This is the premise of a case study series being undertaken by Health Evolution and their partner clinics in New Zealand. Losing a loved one to Alzheimers or Dementia is a cruel and heart [...]

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Stroke? Head Injury? Neurological Deficit? Migraine?

Our Kapiti Clinic leads the way in rehabilitation and testing. Alana Henderson has more experience with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and concussion than she would like! In the last two years, both her sons [...]

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Miraculous Breast Cancer World First 

At Health Evolution we are always looking overseas and following the latest health trends and breakthroughs, whether conventional or complimentary. This week we were were delighted and encouraged to read of an American breakthrough with [...]

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Holistic Cancer Symposium, Auckland, March

Come Join Us, and key speakers Bruce Lipton & Ty Bollinger at the International Holistic Cancer Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand. https://holisticcancersymposium.com/speakers-2018/ We'll be exhibiting in the foyer with our chambers and PEMF technology. [...]

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