Rob has the Last Laugh in Mo-vember!

PSA* level drop from 8.9 to 1.4 “What are we doing for our future health?” Rob asked his wife some eighteen months ago. He had survived testicular cancer some years earlier having undergone surgery [...]

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Early Onset Alzheimers could be Reversible

This is the premise of a case study series being undertaken by Health Evolution and their partner clinics in New Zealand. Losing a loved one to Alzheimers or Dementia is a cruel and heart [...]

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Te Kohao Health Making Strides with Hyperbaric (mHBOT) & PEMF Therapies

Te Kohao Health in Hamilton has now been operating for just three months using mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMFt). The results are unsurprisingly the same as ours - absolutely wonderful! [...]

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Holistic Cancer Symposium, Auckland, March

Come Join Us, and key speakers Bruce Lipton & Ty Bollinger at the International Holistic Cancer Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand. https://holisticcancersymposium.com/speakers-2018/ We'll be exhibiting in the foyer with our chambers and PEMF technology. [...]

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O2 + Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy reverses brain damage in drowned toddler

Another amazing case study that's proving the utility of O2 and hyperbaric therapy. Dr Harch is a leading light in this sector and we've had the priviledge of having his advice on a few occasions. Read [...]

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Parkinson’s may originate in the gut – On Radio NZ, This Way Up

Ten's of millions of people are diagnosed or suffer from Parkinson's every year and the number keeps growing. Early detection has helped some mitigate the symptoms, but a cure is yet to be found. However, [...]

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Rebekah continues astounding TBI bounce-back, becomes NZ’s Youngest Female “Master” Bow Hunter

Huge congratulations to Rebekah Thoroughgood, one of our TBI / Hyperbaric therapy patients from 2016. Some of you may recall her story. She came to us in a bad state after multiple head trauma. She [...]

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