Tyrone’s Story – mHBOT for Head Injury Rehab

The subject is a fifteen year old male who presented at Health Evolution after being discharged the same day from hospital.   Tyrone had an accident while playing on a ramp with his scooter. [...]

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Rebekah continues astounding TBI bounce-back, becomes NZ’s Youngest Female “Master” Bow Hunter

Huge congratulations to Rebekah Thoroughgood, one of our TBI / Hyperbaric therapy patients from 2016. Some of you may recall her story. She came to us in a bad state after multiple head trauma. She [...]

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Rebekah’s head trauma and rehab with mHBOT & PEMFs

Rebekah's Story Rebekah Thoroughgood was having a rough time after two severe head injuries. One from her sporting activities and one from her farm horse. Her first injury from the horse's hoof was bad. It [...]

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Results of The “Live-Blood Experiment” April 2016

At last there is some visible evidence of exactly what happens when you lie on your mat for just ten minutes!!  We screened fifteen people at Health Evolution in April this year and ALL of them [...]

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