HE1700 Soft-shell Seated Hyperbaric Chamber

The HE1700 mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a single occupant soft shell 1.3 ata chamber that is most suitable for home use, for people who want a low chair to sit in, or need easier access compared to the cylinder style chambers. 

We provide training and education on mHBOT protocols before you commence home treatment so you are not just buying a chamber off the internet. We are a local New Zealand supplier that has been selling and supporting mild HBOT chambers for Kiwis for many years. For as long as you own this chamber, Health Evolution Ltd will help you with user support, setup and also servicing and parts if you have any issues to resolve in years to come.

Package includes:

  • Delivery to your door by local carriers with tracking.
  • 0.7 meter diameter and 1.7m length chamber.
  • Protective and supporting external cover.
  • 3 zipper seal to maintain pressure and increase chamber integrity.
  • A small porthole window on each side to let in light and let your family check in on you. Due to the front entry zippers there is no center window.
  • Emergency pressure release valve to depressurise at speed in an emergency.
  • Easy to operate without assistance.
  • Internal metal frame to support the chamber when deflated and ease access.
  • Memory foam mattress with antibacterial cotton/bamboo cover.
  • Additional luxury memory foam topper pad with washable cover.
  • Oxygen concentrator that is adjustable from 1 to 5 Litres per minute
  • Oil free, quiet air compressor with 6 carbon filters
  • Anti-Roll Bolsters.
  • Selectable pre-set valves allowing automated pressure of 1.3 ata or 1.15 ata for personal preference.
  • External and Internal Pressure Gauges.
  • Air Muffler inside the chamber
  • Internal USB connection (for fan or light).
  • A pair of Uniden walkie talkies for internal / external communication.
  • A starter pack of nasal cannulas.
  • New Zealand User Manual and Setup Guide.
  • Free remote support for set up via most video conference apps.
  • Lifetime user support from the local expert team.
  • One Year Manufacturing Fault Warranty.

Optional add-ons (ask us for a quote):

  • On site installation and user training
  • A Dehumidifier to collect condensation between the compressor and chamber

Please note that for your safety we do not offer the 10L per minute O2 concentrator in any chamber other than the larger HE1001.


Under normal conditions we are breathing 21% oxygen at sea level. The haemoglobin found in the bloodstream carries this oxygen around the body.  

In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the extra flow of high purity oxygen is partnered with increased atmospheric pressure.  This results in extra oxygen absorption by your red blood cells and oxygen can be compressed, dissolved, and forced into the plasma and tissues directly so that cells that were lacking oxygen because of circulatory problems can be flooded with it.

We are a New Zealand based supplier that has been selling and supporting mild HBOT chambers for Kiwis for many years. We provide training and education on mHBOT protocols before you commence home treatment. We carry stock of the most popular units and also look after servicing and parts in the unlikely event that you might have any issues to resolve in years to come.

HE1700 Soft-shell mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 

A soft shell chamber 1.3 ATA chamber that is shorter than the others, where space is an issue. The chamber is 0.7m wide x 1.7m long, ALTHOUGH WHEN YOU ARE INSIDE IT FEELS A LOT BIGGER!

This is one of the two most popular chambers and is of great interest to people with mobility issues that find it difficult to get in and out of the cylinder style chamber. We call it the Skiboot. 

A good size with comfy interior and comes with a chair. Easy to use on your own and fits well into most rooms. We have clients who have it behind the couch in their living room and we even have a client who has put a bean bag inside his HE1700 chamber to sit on. .

Contact us for further information about suitability for your needs and for pricing

Additional information

Weight 54 kg

variable pressures from 1.1-1.3ATA


LWH 170×70×110cm (67”×28”×43”)

Application type

1 person, seated


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